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"After just one session I felt so much better. It took only four sessions in total to get rid of the pain. It’s like I’ve got a new arm now and believe it or not I haven’t been to a doctor since.”  
Thomas Tedford
 What the press says:
Frequent reevaluation and modifications to the treatment plan are essential. Assessment and Management of Pain in Older Adults
“Before Intlife I couldn’t play with my daughter or work in the job I loved because of my shoulder pain. But after only a few sessions I felt much better. I would thoroughly recommend Paulo to anyone.”  
Stephen Quigley
Back pain accounts for 40% of absenteeism in Scotland, making it a huge problem for working people. People sitting behind a desk for the majority of the day, and tradesmen  are the most susceptible to back problems.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that people with lower back pain should be prescribed a course of acupuncture, exercise classes or some form of manual therapy or massage if their symptoms persist for six weeks or more. The Times
DYNAMIC RELEASE ™. Case Studies.

The sample cases below were chosen for their difficulty in treating employing the usual mainstream protocols. All those patients had unsuccessfully undergone various forms of treatments in the NHS:

E.A. (Female)

75-year-old female with a variety of conditions including depression, chronic pain, osteoporosis, history of broken bones and ‘frozen’ shoulders.

Came for treatment for intense pain in middle back for 8 years and was told that this was something to do with her breaking 6 ribs also 8 years ago. All medical interventions failed to help.

She couldn’t walk without support; unable to shop or tidy up her house (which made her depression worse).

After coming to us, she had 100% no pain by the end of the first session. On arriving for her second session, she had a ‘trace’ of pain (“a tingle”), which disappeared by the end of that session. Absence of pain was sustained until discharged (5 weeks).

As well as absence of pain, she also reported absence of depression.

P.S. (Female)

69-year-old female with advanced rheumatoid arthritis with deformed hands and fingers.

Referred as emergency because of worsening intense pain in right wrist for two weeks. Unable to hold anything.

By the end of the first session, she had no pain in wrist – monitoring showed that absence of pain was sustained for at least 8 months.

M.D. (Female)

Pain in toes – couldn’t walk.

As she couldn’t take anti-inflammatory drugs, her GP was contacted with a suggestion for a course of a natural anti-inflammatory. After her GP agreed, a technical report on the planned treatment was sent him and practice nurses. As this anti-inflammatory can act as a blood thinner and she was on Warfarin, her GP was asked to monitor blood levels weekly. As blood was getting dangerously thin after the first week on the anti-inflammatory, Warfarin dosage was lowered.

Inflammation in toes disappeared and she could walk unaided without pain again. On post-treatment monitoring, she reported that she was still free of pain after 3 months.

J.D (male)

67-year-old patient referred because he could not walk for longer than 10 minutes without intense pain in his legs (due to intermittent claudication). After 5 sessions he recovered enough to walk some 6,000 steps a day without having “stabbing” pain. He started to swim regularly twice a week.

E.G. (female)

Co-ordinator of a project in Glasgow. She had been limping for at least two weeks due to pain in knee and lower back. Came for treatment to see if a treatment employing Dynamic Release could enable her to participate of the women's 10K walk in Glasgow (two days later). After a 30-minute session during her lunch time, she was pain free, did the walk, and still had no pain when checked a month later.

R.C. (male)

A cook at a community hall in his 20s, R came to see me as emergency as his neck had 'frozen', and he had intense pain.  After one session at the end of the day, he was back in the kitchen the next day and has been pain-free since.

T.T. (male)

Self-employed in his 30s, one morning he was unable to go to work due to intense pain in his back. His wife arranged an emergency treatment session. After half an hour he was pain free and was able to go to work. He was still pain free one year later.

The results I have witnessed have been nothing short of phenomenal
Rona Agnew (nurse)