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“A very big thank you for working with all of us this year. We have enjoyed coming to the classes each week. We hope to see you again next year”.

(From the primary school children participating in the stress management workshops- the first stress management designed for children in Scotland)

“... The person whose Probation Order I supervise, who was resident at the time of your group work sessions, spoke very highly of the content of the sessions and how much he felt he had benefited from taking part. I hope the Project will be able to continue this work with people who are endeavouring to stop the misuse of drugs as it appears the group work sessions, advice and support have been extremely beneficial”.

(Criminal Justice Team at a drug rehabilitation organisation regarding personal and anger management for recovering drug abusers - Phoenix House, Glasgow)

“Something in me has changed cannot explain why. I didn’t open my eyes this morning and dread the day ahead”(Male ex-patient with a history of violence and schizophrenia)

“Since coming for therapy it has helped me so much in self-awareness. ... has helped me so much to see a lot of things in different ways and it means so much to me”


I have learned to be more relaxed around people who otherwise would have stressed me before. My sleep pattern has improved as I have learned to let go of some emotions. I am gradually beginning to see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel”


“ ... I feel the help I have received has benefited me in many different ways i.e. physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition I have noticed a ripple effect of benefits in other areas of my life. There is no doubt that the help I have received has made it possible for me to cope with the difficult work I undertake. ... and quite frankly do not know how I managed before ...”

(Social Worker)

“Your kindness will always be remembered. Thanks once more for all the help you gave me”


“... I Remember well some of your clear examples of personal attitude... I thoroughly enjoyed being stretched and the experience of learning in such environment”.

(Massage course student)

“... I would like to thank you so much for your ‘dynamic’ Dynamic Release Seminar which was greatly enjoyed by all. A greater understanding of how the body works was also appreciated.”

(Head nurse at British Energy HR department about Dynamic Release seminar and workshop)

“... Your talk and demonstration, I’m sure, will help us to be aware of how our bodies work and help us to overcome ‘stress’.”

(Chair of Scottish Women's Rural Institute)

“I can remember a woman who had lost her husband, her faith and her will to live. It is so hard for me to think that was me. Today I am a person who thanks God for giving me another day to enjoy my life. ... It is not enough to say thank you, there are no words to express what a person feels when they know they have a life to live.”


“When I first came for help, I felt I had nothing to live for. I did not want to meet anyone, not even family. Since then things are changed, being able to talk about myself and how I feel, life is now a lot brighter. I can face people and think about things in a different light. I now know I have a life, it will get better. ... My outlook on life has changed a lot. ... I don’t just walk around the block, I can now go on the bus, take an interest in life in general, before I did not care. I know just being able to talk about my feeling has been the one thing that has helped. Life is a lot brighter.”


“... I feel life is now worth living. I feel happy most mornings I awake and do not have the dread I once had. My relationship with my husband is now very good as is my relationship with the rest of my family. It has also enabled me to deal with working relationships and feel loads more confident. ...I had no idea this would take such a short time and I am amazed.”


“ ... has helped me look at my outlook in life more positively and to understand how my body and feelings work. It has given me more confidence to think about taking more work at my project and feel good about myself. I take day by day as it comes.”

(Project worker)

 What the press says:
Frequent reevaluation and modifications to the treatment plan are essential. Assessment and Management of Pain in Older Adults
“Before Intlife I couldn’t play with my daughter or work in the job I loved because of my shoulder pain. But after only a few sessions I felt much better. I would thoroughly recommend Paulo to anyone.”  
Stephen Quigley
Back pain accounts for 40% of absenteeism in Scotland, making it a huge problem for working people. People sitting behind a desk for the majority of the day, and tradesmen  are the most susceptible to back problems.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that people with lower back pain should be prescribed a course of acupuncture, exercise classes or some form of manual therapy or massage if their symptoms persist for six weeks or more. The Times
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