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The logical approach to pain management and health
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Hand/Foot/Face massage -
Course description: Certificate course offering theoretical and practical training on massage of the hands, feet and face.  It is an entry requirement to the diploma course in therapeutic massage, providing guidance for the development of touch. No qualifications necessary. This course includes basic pathology and an introduction to evidence-based relationships between mind and body. 
Course length – 19 hours
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Introduction to massage -
Course description: Certificate course offering basic theoretical and practical training on massage of the legs, arms and back. It is an entry requirement to the diploma course in therapeutic massage, providing guidance for further development of touch and enhanced fluidity of strokes. Includes an overview of therapeutic massage, introducing participants to overall concepts, brief massage history, basic evidence-based benefits and simple theory and practice of evidence-based integrated relationships at mental and physical levels.
Course length – 56 hours
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Dynamic Release -
Description: Understanding the basics of Dynamic Release as a stand-alone seminar or preliminary theoretical understanding to the basic practical course. It is delivered in easy, informal language for professionals or lay people of any educational level. 

Recovering from Drug Addiction: Starting a New Life -
Description: Specifically designed to empower individuals with a history of alcohol or drug abuse to become more functional in their lives.
A bespoke combination of personal management, talks and workshops help participants  understand psychological and physical factors involved in addictive behaviour, enabling them to develop life strategies drawn from their own resources

Community Empowerment Workshops -
Description:These workshops were designed to provide information and self-help techniques in order to increase the participants’ self-confidence and a sense of personal responsibility, employing an integrated model which incorporates a variety of evidence-based aspects related to mental health and general wellbeing.

The theoretical part of the workshops is delivered in plain, everyday language, with delivery elements borrowed from CBT, NLP, Milton Erickson, Human Givens and Brief Therapy.

Each 2-hour session is divided into two parts with a 15-minute break in between: the first part is dedicated to ‘theory’ (i.e. understanding how the mind, emotions, nutrition and lifestyle affect each other) and the second part is dedicated to practical and experiential aspects.
Workshop length – 5 weeks
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Evidence-based Holism
The mind, the emotions, the body and you. This seminar introduces anatomical and biochemical relationships between mind, feelings (emotions), and body based on research and ‘real’ life experiences (the ‘science of the obvious’).  Evidence presented ranges from observational studies made by Charles Darwin to findings in peptide and brain mapping research.

Dealing with Panic Attacks
Evidence-based Holism in practice.  Combines an understanding of a biochemical model and common behavioural patterns to empower sufferers of panic attacks and therapists to effectively deal with the condition.  He talk is delivered in plain, non-technical language.

Dynamic Release™: Principles and Practice
This is a form of bodywork  (brief) therapy which helps the patient to become aware of and relax unconscious physical and emotional tensions. It works on the mechanisms that regulate muscle tone and unconscious tension within the brain and the muscles.  

At the physical level, DR is thought to act as a form of proprioceptive training. DR can also be employed as an adjunct to other therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics (specially when patients are in too much pain to undergo those treatments), massage, psychotherapy/counselling and pain management.

Sustainable Stress Management
Provides short and long term sustainable skills to deal with the symptoms and causes of stress.  This is delivered in plain language, drawing from the latest neuro-biochemical research and cognitive/behavioural techniques to explain how we allow negative stress to affect our functionality.  

This seminar provides common sense strategies to deal and avoid stress in a way that empowers participants to effectively put them in practice in ‘real life’ using their own skills and experience.

Personal management for nurses and carers
This has been designed for nurses and carers who wish to develop their skills, patient management and a holistic understanding of one to one relationship with someone they nurse.

By learning to see their job with different eyes,  by clarifying misconceptions and seeing the 'bigger picture', it empowers them to become more effective and feel more at ease with the demands of their work and with themselves.

This is achieved through a series of  talks and workshops incorporating evidence-based theory and practical skills, delivered in plain language and accessible to individuals of any background.

The integrated approach to pain management:  Key issues - Pain is a complex issue and usually involves interventions in more than one area. Symptomatic relief often achieved with pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs only address the immediate feeling of pain but neglects to correct the anatomical, psychological and physiological reasons for the onset of pain and  prevention. Scottish Law Society accredited for CPD and Management CPD.

The influence of repetitive patterns on physical and mental health: Key issues -  Using brain  mechanisms to improve mental and physical health. Every time we repeat something over and over again, it becomes automatic. Examples of this are learning to drive, typing, walking and so on. This mechanism also affects our muscles and our feelings.  Repetition leads to a lack of awareness and unconscious physical and mental tension.
Community Interest Companies - an introduction
In 2005 the government finalised the creation of Community Interest Companies. This new type of legal entity has been taken up by hundreds of businesses  throughout the UK. Yet,  in Scotland, very few solicitors or accountants have any knowledge about it. This informal seminar will introduces the basics of CICs, their background, basic legal structures as well as special financial and legal regulations.
Essential information for anyone with an interest in social enterprises.

“What Paulo taught me is that for wellbeing and good health everything is linked.

Not my GP, physiotherapist or chiropractor were able to treat me as he has.”

Tracy Aire

Training from Intlife
Intlife offer several evidence-based seminars and courses to members of the public and health professionals to develop understanding of how to manage and treat pain without drugs and how to achieve true health through mental, physical and social wellbeing.

The following bibliography contains important information that will allow a better and deeper understanding of courses and talks below and are, in my view, essential to understand the integration of various aspects of health. Find the bibliography HERE.
It has helped me greatly with my son.  I feel less stress at home now.
I Remember well some of your clear examples of personal attitude... I thoroughly enjoyed being stretched and the experience of learning in such environment

Massage course student